Ghostemane Drops “FLESH” Music Video and Possible Early N/O/I/S/E Release

In an Instagram post yesterday, Ghostemane announced his new single “FLESH,” along with its music video.

The video depicts the private event, FRAME 001, to which Ghostemane invited 50 of his biggest supporters, and performed the new single. The exclusive event was held in a large Victorian home located in rural Minnesota.
FLESH is ultra-heavy, much alike D(R)EAD, the other single released by Ghostemane off his prospective album “N/O/I/S/E,” set to arrive on October 17th. An instagram post from Ghoste earlier this week indicates that N/O/I/S/E may come much sooner than expected.

Either way, listeners have some fresh ear-candy to sustain themselves off of until N/O/I/S/E. “FLESH” is an electrifying, drum-heavy jam that breathes new life into Ghostemane’s underworldly aesthetic.

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