Endless Summer = Endless Jams

Sacramento Pop-punk band, Perfect Score’s, Endless Summer makes me regret my residence in chilly Massachusetts. The raw and sunny tone of drawn out syllables from lead singer, Ethan, make us wish we were driving with the windows down in our favorite cut off band shirts. Guitarists Chris and Cameron knit head-bopping jams, strictly in major keys. Endless Summer’s first track offers wisdom in the form of stream of consciousness poetry that focuses on our ability to grow, overcome obstacles, change, and truly impact the world. The spoken word motivates listeners by vanquishing the appeal of an ordinary or mundane existence.

“Doesn’t Matter,” is the quintessential heartbreak song, that reflects on one’s own wants, needs, and role in a past relationship. The track’s lack of a specific subject allows listeners to relate more directly to its message, a smart move on Perfect Score’s part. The upbeat rhythm from drummer, Jef, provides a broader spectrum of emotion and perspective that allows listeners a chance to reconcile their feelings instead of wallowing in them.

“Just Breathe,” is a reminder to live presently that reflects on the robotic, zombified nature of “growing up in this world to just survive,” in Ethan’s words. The song is both entertaining and reassuring, but follows the romantic cliches of feel good pop punk. Perfect Score taps into the struggles of their audience but could differentiate themselves further with a more focused and in-depth analysis automaticity, rather than patching it with love. It’s important to remember, however, that the art of music revolves around feeling rather than thinking, and in this respect “Just Breathe” ticks off all necessary boxes.

Endless Summer’s title track does not disappoint. The track is a nostalgic serenade marked by strong performances from all members. A traditional pop-punk intro with a running tempo and bassline bleeds into a simplistic verse with powerful delivery from bassist Gaelen. A dimensional bridge highlights the band’s strengths, it features strong lyrics that resonate with honesty.

Endless Summer is the perfect EP for brightening up your days as winter approaches. Be sure to give it a listen and stay warm my friends!

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