Currents Drop “Into Despair” Single and Music Video

Currents just released their new single “Into Despair,” and it rocks. A frantic intro and emotion-dripping hook introduces the track. Brian Wille’s vicious vocals cut through a backdrop of breakneck rhythm that builds perfectly into the chorus.

One of Currents’ major strengths is their ability to mix up typical song structure. “Into Despair,” for example employs repeating hooks in place of verses, and substitutes choruses for verses that vary lyrically each go-round. A long verse cuts in immediately after the first of these nuanced choruses, which makes the song feel longer, especially when a calmer, more steady bridge and heavy drop sets in moments later.

Lyrically, “Into Despair” is heavily charged with emotion. It describes the pressure of being idolized as a hero or saviour, with a dark and titular undertone. The song laments the slippery descent back into negativity, “I sat back and let the devil in me.”

“Into Despair” radiates power steeped in pain. Although it may not make your party playlist, the single is sure to haunt headphones and speakers alike as fans await the release of Currents’ upcoming EP, I Let The Devil In.”

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