Rai God$peed’s 2019

Dallas rapper, Rai God$peed, paints technicolor dreamscapes in his latest three singles, all released in 2019. The young artist is not shy about his past, present or future plans.

A drug and cash induced frenzy, “Harvey Birdman” (feat Sammie D!) employs trap trills and hi-hats paired with spacious and filtered keys. The song’s namesake, an Adult Swim show circa 2001, hints at parody, leading listeners to believe that perhaps the track is a statement about the current state of hip hop and the flexing culture it purveys. Or maybe he really is just in search of a “cash now, cashcow.”

“Bad At Listening” is an honest and introspective rap, laid atop a rock band bass and drum-kit and gentle singing. Rai God$peed’s flow quavers at times- perhaps under the weight of his emotion. His vulnerability is a strong suit for sure, and it’s certainly advisable that he continue to bare himself to his audience to break down the often superficial nature of his genre.

Rai God$peed asserts his value on the authoritative and proud, “Rebel97.” His bars float above an ambient sea of synth, laced with stylized vocal accents. God$peed’s voice rings clear on this track and he’s certainly not short on rhymes.

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