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The Band Over Fist mission statement is as follows: “Here at Band Over Fist we believe that self expression is the ultimate weapon. We aim to provide promotion and visibility for artists who choose not to throw a punch but rather use their music to create change and inspire others to do the same. We believe in the pen over the knife, words over actions. It is of the utmost importance that individuals utilize their unique talents and abilities (in this case their voices, guitars, drum sticks etc) to strengthen their communities and humanity as a whole.”

It is still my personal belief that violence does not lead to growth, creation or healing between us, however it is not my place to tell you the best way to navigate the revolution we are facing. Peaceful protestors are met with rubber bullets, flash bangs, weapons of chemical warfare and soon, sonic weapons. The forces created to ‘protect us’ are the product of colonial slavery watchmen and centuries of systematic racial persecution; the American people are demonstrating that this social, legislative and judicial discrimination will no longer be tolerated. Black people have endured centuries of oppression and there is historical precedent which illustrates that peaceful protest is not enough to bring civil rights, affirmative action and especially not equality.

With this in mind, I have deliberated and determined that silence is useless in standing alongside Black musicians, friends and fellow civilians. Nevertheless, my voice and those of other white musicians, fans and industry professionals is not equivalent to our black counterparts. I choose to use my privilege, my voice, my platform to amplify theirs. Without further adieu, here is BOF’s official #BLM playlist; it features the voices of Black (and one POC) frontpeople.

I welcome all suggestions regarding my song and artist selections and am begging you for additions. My heart sunk upon realizing the length of this playlist and the lack of musical media representation for Black artists, particularly in the vein of rock, metal, hardcore and their many subgenres and especially for Black women/LGBTQ+ people my heart sank. There is much work to be done in elevating the voices of the oppressed. I urge every one of you to educate yourself, support Black artists and business, put your money where your mouth is, protest, have difficult conversations with family/friends and most importantly LISTEN when Black people speak.

With all of my love, passion and conviction,


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