Blood Bender Mixtape: Good to the last drop

Witchouse 40k’s Blood Bender Mixtape bumps so goddamn hard that my bluetooth speaker was forced to sit on the floor lest the sheer power of this EP’s bass toppled it off my desk. The BAD Strains Mixtape’s older brother features carnage-strewn lyrics and more consistently dirty and gritty vocals than ever before that demonstrate the rapper’s range. Blood Bender’s production is priceless (produced by: Netuh); hi-hats, melodic sampling, bass and vocals are stacked with precision and grace. It seeps spooky samples (harps, sirens, barking dogs, failing engines, eerie chorals to name a few) and maintains a tasteful balance of tempo without fail. The mixtape is only four songs in length but listeners get what feels like so much more with a variety of intros, outros and bridges that showcase 40k’s versatility. This release is danceable without trying and is well suited for chilling, working, commuting, exercising, murdering- the everyday stuff. 

With such stylized vocals it can be difficult at times to keep track of Witchouse 40k’s guttural trilling but the lyrics generally fall into a dark and gory twist on the traditional sex, violence and money tropes of hip-hop. The hellhound brags his overflowing bank account in almost every song he’s released and a girl just has to wonder how one can possibly save so much in this pandemic? If you’re reading this Witchouse, you should offer financial management seminars. Jokes aside, the references to “Bayonetta” (2009 video game character) and “Ragnarok,” The Norse Mythological apocalypse paint a diverse and fantastic backdrop and the pitch shifted hooks of “Watchyoursix” and “ Rats!” occupy my head at all times. The mixtape title itself is a clever triple entendre- Avatar and serial killer families anyone? As an avid horror fan and a long-time lover of violent emo albums I’m grateful to have a new, terrific (in the purest sense)  record in my collection. If you haven’t had the pleasure of spinning Blood Bender Mixtape I recommend giving one of Portland’s own a spot in your playlist. Congrats Witchouse 40k, keep ‘em coming!

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