What is Band Over Fist?

BOF is a dual platform that consists of two main elements: a free press run by musicians, for musicians and paid media productions for artists and bands. In the former section you will find music reviews, feature stories (ranging in subject from specific musicians to broader cultural issues), print and video interviews, as well as podcasts and playlists. The latter offering is artistic and promotional material including music videos, merch, tour and album art/design, and branding services. Our primary focus is on punk, rock, metal, their respective subgenres and hip-hop/electronic with heavier influences.

Our Mission Statement:

Here at Band Over Fist I believe that self expression is the ultimate weapon. I aim to provide promotion and visibility for artists who choose not to throw a punch but rather use their music to create change and inspire others to do the same. I believe in the pen over the knife, words over actions. It is of the utmost importance that individuals utilize their unique talents and abilities (in this case their voices, guitars, drum sticks etc.) to strengthen themselves, their communities and humanity as a whole.


My name is Kenzie Comorbid, I am a musician, music journalist, filmmaker, and graphic artist- but I began as a fan. To this day I greatly enjoy watching my favorite artists music videos, interviews and youtube channels; scrolling their social media and repping their t-shirts and posters. Music activates the the brain more fully than any other stimulus known to humanity and as such it only makes sense that we want to get to know the bands we listen to and surround ourselves with their art.

This philosophy is what’s at the core of this project and my career. I find fulfillment in connecting with others through art, music and discussion. My best qualities are my curiosity, asking thought-provoking questions, listening, and maintaining an open mind. I look forward to getting to know you and your work!

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