So why should you trust me with your hard work?

  1. I’m a real person.  

You’ll only ever correspond with myself which means no crossed wires, insincere customer service or corporate bureaucracy. I’m easy to reach and you are my priority. This is my livelihood and what I live to do.

2. I’m here for YOU.

I’m an Entertainment Media graduate with a focus in journalism and graphic design / performing art minors. For years my objective as an interviewer and editor has been to get to the core of my interviewees which sharpened my intrinsic knack for sniffing out and visualizing/verbalizing the individuality I observe in others. I am trained in and deeply passionate about illustration, graphic design, photography, cinematography and their respective editing and own the quality equipment and programs necessary to do my job. All of these skills and resources combined make me a brand chameleon capable of serving a wide variety of musicians and artists and catering to all of their media needs (psst: check out my portfolio!) Plus, I wear all the hats so you get the most cohesive media marketing possible.

3. I’m a musician and a fan too!

As a performer and creator I understand the importance of self expression and I love nothing more than realizing your authentic vision. There are no stupid ideas here at B.O.F. I listen carefully to all of the hard work you invest in your music and share it with my audience, friends and family; partially because it’s my job to know your sound just as well as you do but mostly because I live and breathe music.

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